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Canon loan

Terms and conditions:

Loan amount – up to UAH 100 000

Down payment - from 0%

Period - 6 months

Annual interest rate of 0.01%*

One-time comission 0%

Monthly fee – 0,00%

Early repayment without additional expenses and fees

You can get a loan if:

You are a citizen of Ukraine

You are 23 to 65 years of age and you have been working at your main job for at least 6 months

You have a permanent source of income

To obtain a loan you need to:

Choose the goods (in shop or on the website), and inform seller or specify on the website that the form of payment is a loan from Credit Agricole Bank

Answer a call from the Bank’s employee, provide necessary information, and receive approval of the Bank

Contact any outlet of the Bank (there are more than 160 of them) to formalize loan agreement and make a down payment

Receive your goods

Pay for the goods with comfort

Documents needed to get a loan:

Original passport (citizen of Ukraine) of the Borrower


Original certificate of identification number assignment

Income certificate for the last 6 months (it is required only when applying for a loan on amount exceeding UAH 20 000)

Real annual interest rate

* Real annual interest rate of 0.01% per annum (calculated for the loan amount of 50 000 hryvnas, based on the loan term 6 months).

The actual value of the real annual interest rate on a loan will depend on the individual lending conditions (loan amount, time, special terms for the product, etc.)

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free