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Loan restructuring

Long-term stable activity of Credit Agricole in the financial market of Ukraine has established the image of a responsible and reliable partner, which aims to support you in any situation. Well aware of the current situation, Credit Agricole is sympathetic to each customer and offers optimal solutions for loan debt restructuring.

According to the Law of Ukraine dated 17.03.2020 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Other Laws of Ukraine for Support of Tax Payers During the Period of Measures Aimed at Prevention of Occurrence and Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)”, the borrowers are temporarily exempted from the obligation to pay a forfeit (fine, penalty) in case of delinquency within the period from 01.03.2020 to 30.04.2020. However, the Law provides for no exemption from all mandatory payments under a loan (principal, accrued interest, fees).

In case you have difficulties with full or partial performance of obligations under the loan agreement, you can make the payment later or request the Bank to restructure the exposure by calling the Information Center 0 800 30 5555

Credit Agricole offers You to choose the most suitable solution to alleviate the credit burden and stabilize the financial situation by:

  • changing the method of loan repayment;
  • prolongation of the effective period of the loan agreement;
  • transfer of debt to the other borrower;
  • the most convenient restructuring scheme to prevent temporary difficulties.

Changing the method of loan repayment involves a reduction of the monthly loan installment through the annuity method, which is the most popular method of loan repayment in Western Europe.

The prolongation of the loan agreement makes it possible to reduce the amount of the monthly loan installment by extending the term of the loan where monthly payments are distributed in proportion to the term of lending.

Transfer of debt to the other borrower is possible in cases when you find it difficult to service the loan debt and you want a quick solution to this problem through the refusal of loan in favor of third party. A third party may be any solvent individual who is interested in servicing your debt in exchange for possession of certain collateral.

For restructuring of loan debt you need to go to an outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE and submit an application for the restructuring together with the documents that prove your identity (passport, TIN), and preferably with the documents representing your financial situation.

With the loan restructuring, you will be able to keep your positive credit history, which will provide you with the most acceptable way out of the difficult situation.

For details, please call the Information Center by telephone 0 800 30 5555.

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