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Current accounts

Having opened a current account with CREDIT AGRICOLE, you will be able to receive cash funds from individuals and legal entities, make payments therefrom within Ukraine and abroad.

Individuals may open several current accounts with CREDIT AGRICOLE both in national and foreign currencies.

To open a current account with the Bank, the following documents should be submitted:

Residents of Ukraine:

  • An identity document;
  • A document issued by the body of the State Tax Authority that proves the registration of the resident individual with the State Register of Individual Taxpayers*;

* does not have to be presented if such document was not issued to a customer in cases set forth in Ukrainian laws or if information about the registration number of a Taxpayer’s ID is available in a passport..

Non-residents of Ukraine:

  • An identity document;
  • A document verifying the place of residence or temporary stay of a person on the territory of Ukraine;
  • When foreign currency cash is entered in the account, a document verifying the source of cash should be provided.

An individual involved in entrepreneurial activity should also provide the Bank with a copy of an Abstract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs containing information about the individual involved in entrepreneurial activity.

An individual carrying out independent professional activity should also provide the Bank with a copy of the document confirming that such individual is registered with a respective body of the State Tax Authority.

PJSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” changed the terms of service for PI current accounts starting 17 October 2016 

The Bank is entitled to block current accounts of private individuals, if no transactions were performed in the account¹ нduring 1 calendar year of entering into the Agreement or from the day of the last account transaction and if there is a positive balance of funds in the account.Interest on the balance of funds in the blocked account is not accrued. The blocked account shalENG_Tariffs_acting from 05.12.2018.pdfby the Bank in case there is no fund balance on account. 

The Bank shall charge a fee for maintenance of the Inactive account (blocked due to the above reasons) in amount specified in the Tariffs.

The Bank shall not block current accounts and charge fee for maintenance of inactive accounts in case that the Customer uses current accounts  to receive interest on deposit and/or return of deposit placed with the Bank; for payment of accrued interest on loans obtained from the Bank;  for which there are valid orders of the Customer for performance of regular payments and/or direct debit from current account by the Bank; are under seizure or funds in them are pledged to the Bank.
¹ except for transactions of payment of interest accrued by the Bank to the Customer account on the balance of funds in this account and/or transactions of debiting of fees by the Bank for rendered services, and/or debiting of fees (if any) for maintenance of Inactive account set out in the Tariffs of the Bank, transactions of reassessment of currency balance. 

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