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Seat exclusive terms

Get a new Seat with a loan from Credit Agricole Bank

Porsche Finance – special loan program for the purchase of cars Seat, developed by Porsche Finance Group Ukraine and JSC "Credit Agricole Bank".

The list and addresses of the car dealers are available on the official website of the importer: Seat.

Advantages of obtaining a car loan from Credit Agricole:

Lack of notarization

Early repayment without commission

Down payment is 15% or higher

KASKO registration on credit

How to repay a car loan in Credit Agricole:

Pre-term loan repayment: available starting from the very first month after loan disbursement, with no any penalties or fees.

By requisites in cash desk of any bank

In the cash desk of the nearest outlet of the bank


Term of the loan Interest rates in UAH (annual) One-time fee (from the loan amount)
Initial payment
from 15.00 %
1-12 months. 14.99 % 2.50 %
13-24 months. 14.99 % 2.50 %
25-36 months. 14.99 % 2.50 %
37-48 months. 14.99 % 2.50 %
49-60 months. 14.99 % 2.50 %

Type of repayment schedule:

  • Monthly, annuity method;
  • Monthly, standard method.

Requirements to the borrower

  • Age of the borrower: min 25 y. o.
  • Official employment.
  • Regular source of income.
  • Length of current employment – at least 6 months
  • Passport of Ukrainian citizen and tax ID
  • Full list of the required documents

Lending terms:

  • Loan amount: up to 2 600 000 UAH.
  • Loan disbursement: Bank transfer money to the current account of car dealer.
  • Loan is pledged by: vehicle being purchased.
  • For the car valued more than 1 000 000 UAH: for a private individual - 30%.
  • For a private entrepreneur minimum down payment is 20%.

Additional expenses:

  • commission for operations in the State Register – UAH 750 one-off;
  • KASKO insurance (average tariff from 5,5% of the cost of a car) by a program partner;
  • Motor Third Party Liability Insurance by a program partner;
  • compulsory state pension insurance fee, one-time – 3-5% (of the cost of the car).

Mandatory insurance: full KASKO, Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, Life and Health Insurance of the Borrower.

Реальна річна процентна ставка: 36,58% річних (розрахована виходячи із строку кредитування 24 місяці по процентній ставці 0,01%, аннуітетний графік погашення). Фактичне значення реальної річної процентної ставки за кредитом буде залежати від індивідуальних умов кредитування (суми кредиту, строку, спеціальних умов за продуктом тощо).

Five simple steps to buying a car

Step 1

Choose a car and a loan program

Step 2

Submit documents for consideration

Step 3

Get a positive solution

Step 4

Sign the contract

Step 5

Pick up the car in the salon

Approximate calculation of payment:

Loan program:
The cost of the vehicle, UAH:
Advance payment, UAH:
Loan amount:
Term of the loan:
Type of repayment schedule :

Application form for car loan

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free