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ALD Automotive

Terms of loans for used cars, developed by


Terms for used cars ALD Automotive, valid from 20.11.2017

Term of the loan Interest rates in UAH One-time fee
Initial payment
from 30.00 %
0-12 months. 18.99 % 1.50 %
13-24 months. 18.99 % 1.50 %
25-36 months. 18.99 % 1.50 %
49-60 months. 18.99 % 1.50 %
Payment schedule

Requirements for the report of technical condition of the car

Loan amount:

  • From USD 2 000 till USD 30 000 (in the equivalent at the NBU rate).

Requirements to a vehicle:

  • The age of a vehicle cannot exceed 10 years on the date of loan repayment;
  • The average annual mileage of a car must not exceed 30,000 km;

Form of a loan granting:

  • Crediting the loan amount to the Borrower's current account with its subsequent transfer to the Seller's current account.


  • on a monthly basis, loan payments are calculated on an annuity basis;
  • on a monthly basis, the principal amount is repaid in equal parts, interest is charged on the balance of the loan debt.


  • is possible from the first month since the moment of obtaining a loan, with no commission charged.


  • comprehensive hull insurance;
  • public indemnity insurance;
  • accident insurance of the Borrower – 1.99% single time;


  • commission for operations in the State Register  – UAH 750 one-off;
  • hull insurance with the partner of the program
  • public indemnity insurance with the partner of the program;
  •  Maintenance check of the vehicle purchased for the loan money


Copy of internal passport and an identification code assignment certificate of the vehicle Seller and his/her spouse (all pages containing information);

Documents for the vehicle purchased for loan money:

Specification or invoice from an accredited automobile dealership through which the sale is performed;

Certificate of vehicle registration in the name of its owner;

Report and/or statement of the vehicle technical condition with photos of the accredited automobile dealership / service station;

Internal Ukrainian passport of the Borrower, copy of the Borrower’s spouse’s passport (all the pages containing information), and an identification code assignment certificate of the Borrower and the Borrower’s spouse;

For a private individual:

a certificate from the place of work of the Borrower and/or the Borrower’s spouse certified in the accounting department no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the day it is submitted to the Bank, and confirming the position of the Borrower and/or the Borrower’s spouse, as well as his/her accrued income for the past six months;

For a private entrepreneur (hereinafter – a PE):

Certificate of state PE registration (at least two years);

Certificate of the unified tax payment (if applicable, depending on the form of taxation);

Reports from tax inspection concerning PE income for the past 5 quarters / or the past 2 years;

Other documents at the Bank’s request that will be necessary for making a decision.

* For PE customersthe minimum down payment shall be increased by 5% of the vehicle value.

- For the vehicles the value of which is exceeding USD 30 000 (in UAH at the official NBU rate established on the day of considering a loan application), the minimum down payment shall be 40%. 

Credit calculator:

Loan program:
The cost of the vehicle, UAH:
Advance payment, UAH:
Loan amount:
Term of the loan:
Type of repayment schedule :
Payment schedule

Application form for car loan

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