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Loan secured by real estate

A loan against real estate from Credit Agricole is a possibility to receive money for up to 7 years and use them at one’s discretion.

Loan terms:

The loan is granted for consumption (tuition fees, repairs, travel, etc.)

The loan can secured be apartments, private houses with land plots, land plots

Loan amount range: from 200 000 to 2 000 000 UAH, but not more than 50% of collateral value

  • 17% per annum for CREDIT AGRICOLE customers *
  • 18% annual for other clients

1.2% for CREDIT AGRICOLE clients *

2.5% for other clients

Loan term: up to 7 years (inclusive)

Form of loan: non-cash – transfer of loan funds to the current account of the Borrower opened with the Bank

Repayment scheme (at the discretion of the Borrower):

  • equal monthly installments (annuity repayment schedule)
  • payments that decrease every month (standard repayment schedule)

Insurance: mandatory insurance of the pledged property at one of the insurance companies approved by the Bank, at your choice

*Real annual interest rate: from 18,88% (calculated on the basis of the maximum loan term of 7 years, the standard repayment schedule)

The actual value of the real annual interest rate on a loan will depend on individual lending conditions (loan amount, period, special terms of the product, etc.

You can obtain a loan if:

You are from 25 to 60 years old

You have permanent source of income and time record in your current workplace of at least 12 months.

* CREDIT AGRICOLE customer in this case are clients, who receive salary for current or card account at the institutions of PJSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

  • Payment for expert appraisal of the property to be pledged done by one of the appraisal companies approved by the Bank
  • Payment for obtaining of extract/extracts of State Register of Movable Property Encumbrance
  • Payment for obtaining of information from State Register of Proprietary Rights for Immovable Property
  • Payment for notary services related to conclusion and performance of mortgage agreement
  • Payment for state registration of mortgage
  • Payment for state registration of encumbrance of title to the immovable property (restriction of alienation of mortgaged property)
  • Payment for state registration of mortgage termination
  • Payment for state registration of termination of encumbrance of title to the immovable property (restriction of alienation of mortgaged property)
  • Payment for obtaining f extracts of mortgage / encumbrance registration
  • Payment for obtaining of extracts of registration of mortgage termination / encumbrance termination;
  • Insurance payment under the mortgaged property insurance agreement
  • Payments related to opening and maintenance of current account
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