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Instant card

Instant payment card is an un-embossed international class card that is issued in a short time and gives an opportunity to use the funds in your card account easily and safely.

Advantages of instant card by Credit Agricole:

Fast and easy execution of card – minimum time and documents

Charge-free cash withdrawal in CREDIT AGRICOLE network and in the ATM network «АТМоSphere»

Opportunity to get additional income in the frames of “Mobile savings” service

Possibility to transfer and receive money within the shortest possible time

Possibility to get funds obtained by the Customer under the loan product “Svoboda consumer loan” credited to the card

24/7 access to the funds in the card account without visiting the Bank

Possibility to subscribe to «GSM-banking» service (receiving messages on card account balance to the mobile phone)

No-fee settlements using the card in the sales and service network all over the world

24/7 Customer Support Service


Free of charge - in case of obtainment of “Svoboda” loan with further crediting of funds to the card account

Сurrency of card account: Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollar, Euro

Сard validity period – up to 2 years

Visit the nearest branch of the Bank to issue an Instant Card.


To have a card opened you have to submit:

  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine (for non-residents  - national passport or other identification document)
  • tax ID number (TIN) (if any)

In addition to that:

  • for a deposit card – you have to provide a copy of the deposit agreement with Credit Agricole.
  • for a credit card – income statement for the past 6 months. When a credit card is opened in the frames of a salary project, you don’t need to provide a certificate of employment and a salary certificate for the past 6 month.
  • for a pension and social allowance card – you have to submit a certificate or other document in confirmation of the right to social allowance.
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