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Payment cards

Deposit card

Deposit card is a payment card to which interest on deposit is credited upon expiration of deposit agreement.

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Instant card

Instant payment card is an un-embossed international class card that is issued in a short time and gives an opportunity to use the funds in your card account easily and safely.

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Apple Pay - pay easily

Apple Pay - Pay easily and conveniently with your Credit Agricole card without taking it out of your wallet!

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Google Pay

Google Pay is an electronic wallet by Google for making contactless payments using your smartphone equipped with NFC technology (Android 5.0 and above). 

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Card safe usage guidelines

Protect your payments

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Card to card transfers

Credit Agricole offers you an online service of instant money transfers from your card to a card issued by any Ukrainian bank.

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3D Secure
3D Secure is a technology designed to be an additional security layer for online card transactions. Each card transaction made on a web-site that supports 3D Secure technology (contains Verified by Vi...
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