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Dear Customer, kindly ask you to pay attention to the legislative clarifications regarding your current account usage.

JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” (hereinafter, the Bank) would like to convey its respect to you and appreciates your choosing our Bank as a reliable financial partner.

As an owner of current/card account with the Bank, please be advised of peculiarities of its use, particularly the crediting of UAH funds.

The Regulation on Safeguards and Procedures for Certain FX Transactions approved by the NBU Board Resolution dated 02.01.2019 No. 5 specifies the following list of transactions allowed to be performed in UAH current accounts of non-resident private individuals:  

1) Labor remuneration, government subsidy and social allowances paid with the funds from of the National Compulsory Social Insurance Fund; and benefits to employees, reimbursement of own funds expenses incurred during business trips, royalty, bonuses, prizes received from resident legal entity and a representative office of a non-resident legal entity (including cash funds received in Ukraine as a royalty provided subject to presentation of the copyright agreement (agreement on transfer of right to use work);

2) Income (revenue) received from entrepreneurial activity conducted on the territory of Ukraine transferred from own current account opened for the purposes of entrepreneurial activity upon payment of taxes, levies and other payments provided for by the Ukrainian law;

3) Funds compensated/indemnified by the Deposit Insurance Fund (hereinafter, the Fund) of the Fund’s authorized person during the liquidation of the Bank;

4) Compensation of damage caused to employees as a result of an injury;

5) Funds from sale of own property on the territory of Ukraine, provided that this property is not a foreign investment in Ukraine, as well as lease out thereof;

6) Funds received under procedure of inheritance;

7) Crediting/transferring of funds received upon the court decision or decision of other authorities (officials), which are subject to compulsory execution;

8) Transferring of amounts as reimbursement of costs to court, investigation, notary, and other authorized authorities;

9) Related to taxes and charges payment and returned amounts of overpaid taxes and charges;

10) Related to payment of insurance payments and membership contributions, as well as reimbursement of insurance coverage;

11) Crediting/transferring of funds from own current and deposit accounts opened for personal purposes (including receiving of total interest accrued on balances of own current and deposit accounts);

12) Transferred from/to own investment accounts;

13) Transferred from current account of other non-resident private individual;

14) Transferred to current or deposit account of other private individual;

15) Currency valuables trading;

16) Transactions with national currency and cheques;

17) Crediting/transferring of funds previously credited/transferred by mistake (in excess). Such funds may be credited/transferred to this account in the amount not exceeding the previously credited/transferred amount;

18) Related to placement/withdrawal of funds which were previously placed in banks on terms of subordinated debt and are carried in the capital of a bank;

19) Transferring of charitable contribution to current account of a charity organization;

20) Related to savings (deposit) certificate of a bank with which such account is opened, as well as transactions on repayment of inherited savings (deposit) certificates and interests thereon;

21) Receiving of funds under deed of gift;

22) Related to payment of rental payments, for the goods, received services and works on the territory of Ukraine;

23) Receiving of funds in the result of termination of legal entities;

24) Related to provision of reimbursable financial assistance to residents and reimbursement thereof;

25) Crediting of funds transferred by resident towards loan repayment under the loan agreement between resident borrower and non-resident (including interest and other payments related to the loan servicing established by the agreement);

26) Receiving of consumer loans on the territory of Ukraine and repayment thereof (including interest and other payments related to the consumer loan servicing established by the agreement);

27) Related to sale/purchase of securities issued by foreign issuers, which circulate on the territory of Ukraine;

28) Crediting of account balance in accordance with sub-clause 4 of clause 116 of section Х of this Regulation.

We would like to draw your particular attention to the fact that if it is impossible to establish correspondence between transaction and the account mode (according to “Payment purpose” details) the Bank has the right to request from the customer and the customer is obliged to provide document(s) confirming such correspondence. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform persons who initiate payments to your account about the necessity to observe the account mode and correct specification of “Payment purpose” details. If the account mode is not observed and/or relevant documents confirming the correspondence between transaction and the account mode are not provided during the 3 banking days, the funds will be returned to the payer.

For your convenience, the Bank updated the Rules of comprehensive banking services to private individuals by including the main actions the Bank does in order to implement the above NBU Regulation.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Relationship Manager.

We are looking forward to fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


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