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Credit Agricole's La Force package is the impetus, the impetus for a comfortable life that you missed.

La Force

Credit Agricole's La Force package is the impetus, the impetus for a comfortable life that you missed.

Main benefits for IT Entrepreneurs:

Resolve your issues – ranging from trip arrangements to individual reminders of important events – with the help of Mastercard assistant

Free cash withdrawal at ATMs abroad

Choose 3 additional financial services for free

Free opening of the account of an entrepreneur

Free payments in i-Bank

Your La Force package includes:

Enjoy flight check-ins, baggage drop-off, and security screenings at the airport without waiting*

Visit more than 1000 lounges in airports all over the world ***

Relax for free in Mastercard® Lounges in domestic/ international departure areas in Ukraine and abroad*

Make money by easily replenishing your savings account using i-Bank, CA+, or ATMs of Credit Agricole Bank

Save your time by using Internet banking or mobile app

Tariffs for servicing La Force card package

Monthly fee for using the package:

  • Condition 1. Settlements in the trade and service network during a month over UAH 20 000 (Settlements in the trade and service network include card payments in the outlets and payment for goods or services online. Except for transactions in the i-Bank Internet banking system, CA+ application and card transfers);
  • Condition 2. The average daily balance of funds on the card account during the month over UAH 50 000.
The fee charged in case of not fulfillment of waivers800 UAH/mo
cash Withdrawal at Bank ATMsFree
cash Withdrawal at ATMs of other banks in Ukraine30 000 UAH/mo free
more –  1%+10 UAH
  per transaction
cash Withdrawal at ATMs abroadFree
charges in the system i-BankFree
Accrual of interest rates on the balance within the Mobile Savings,% per annum5%
Program Mastercard Bilshe+
Airport services
Discounts and privileges when paying with Mastercard

Additional service to choose from for free

  • Services under Consierge-service program
  • Issue of an additional card under package offer
  • Opening of current account(s)
  • Performance of 2 transfers from FX current account to accounts outside Ukraine per year
  • Travel insurance abroad
  • Insurance under program "Insurance of financial risks of banking cards' holders"
  • Neighbours liability insurance

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