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Deposit card

Deposit card is a payment card to which interest on deposit is credited upon expiration of deposit agreement.


Сard validity period – 2 years

Currency of card account: Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollar, Euro

Charge-free cash withdrawal from card at ATMs and cash-desks of CREDIT AGRICOLE, as well in the ATM network ATMoSphere

Main advantages of deposit card from Credit Agricole::

Cash withdrawal from ATMs both in Ukraine and abroad

No-fee settlements using the card in the sales and service network all over the world

Possibility to subscribe to «GSM-banking» service (receiving messages on card account balance to the mobile phone)

Possibility of issuing additional cards for proxies

Possibility of card replenishment with own funds

24/7 access to funds in the card account without visiting the bank

International class payment card 


To have a card opened you have to submit:

  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine (for non-residents  - national passport or other identification document)
  • tax ID number (TIN) (if any)

In addition to that:

  • for a deposit card – you have to provide a copy of the deposit agreement with Credit Agricole.
  • for a credit card – income statement for the past 6 months. When a credit card is opened in the frames of a salary project, you don’t need to provide a certificate of employment and a salary certificate for the past 6 month.
  • for a pension and social allowance card – you have to submit a certificate or other document in confirmation of the right to social allowance.
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