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Documentary letters

Documentary letters of credit will help you mitigate risks related to international trade


  • possibility to replace the prepayment by the COD – the beneficiary will receive  a letter of credit from PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK as the guarantee the payment – as the payment is guaranteed production can be launched;
  • settlements via LOC give the customer a price advantage compared to the cost of credit resource;
  • increase in the volume of your trade operations without the involvement of additional monetary resources: the customer needn't withdraw funds from the turnover;
  • the bank shall effect a payment under LOC only upon completion of all terms of the letter of credit; including provision of shipping documents in strict compliance with the LOC requirements which rules out the risk of non-delivery and  significantly reduces the risk of delivery of bad quality goods;
  • letter of credit is not subject to currency control until the bank makes the payment  – goods may be delivered within the period of 90 days of opening of the LOC.

CREDIT AGRICOLE offers you the services of:

  • drafting of agreement with the counterparty in terms of payment terms;
  • advising of LOC issued to your benefit and provision of the necessary advisory opinion;
  • acceptance of the letter of credit by PJSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BAN";
  • arranging of the acceptance of the letter of credit of a bank of Group CREDIT AGRICOLE;
  • checking of documents and performance of the letter of credit (making of payment);
  • arrangement of post-import financing using letter of credit payment method.
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