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Terms and conditions
Vehicle brand
except BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, Infiniti, Peugeot, Citroen
Loan currency
Commission fee
Loan period
Maximum loan period– 5 years
Down payment
from 20 % [2]
Debt repayment schedule
Оn a monthly basis, by equal installments of the loan principal, with interest accrued to the actual outstanding debt
Mandatory life insurance the authorized person in the amount of 1.99% of the loan amount. The vehicle, on a mandatory basis, is to have CASCO insurance in:
  • IC «АХА Insurance»
  • IC «PZU»
  • IC «Unica»
Additional information

What do you need to get a loan

  • go to one of  car sales centers and decide on a car model;
  • the manager at the car sales center can give you a list of documents for preliminary loan approval. The prepared set of documents and a loan application should be submitted to the manager at the car sales center
  • after the Bank gives a preliminarily approval, you have to submit loan documents to the Bank
  • in case the Bank approves the loan, you are to make a down payment, after which you receive a vehicle registration document and execute necessary loan documents
  • the Bank transfers loan funds to the car sales centre — now you are a lucky car owner!

! Loan receipt shall be possible only upon submission of “documents for preliminary loan validation” and “documents for loan acquisition” packages. 

In case of purchase of a car, the cost of which exceeds UAH 1 million, - minimum payment - 30%.

For more information, please, contact our SME manager in your city.


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