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0 800 30 0004 from 09:00 till 18:00
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Сurrent accounts, Settlement and Cash Services

Customer’s matters admit of no delay. The bank makes payments on the same day.

Satisfaction of client needs is the most important objective of the Bank. CREDIT AGRICOLE has experience and required means to help your business fulfill its potential in full.

Tariff package Agro

If you represent agrarian sector and the nature of your activity assumes limited number of cashless transfers and insignificant amount of cash withdrawals from the current account, this tariff package is just what you need

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Tariff package Agro+

Perfectly fits you if you represent agrarian sector and actively use payments nd withdraw cash from your current account in material amounts

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"Premium" Tariff Package

It perfectly fits you if your company has significant amounts of cash withdrawal and a big number of cashless payments

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