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LLC KWS Ukraine

CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK provides the possibility to purchase products of LLC KWS UKRAINE with payment deferral on beneficial terms.


For the Customer:

  • Special discount policy, discount of LLC KWS UKRAINE makes up to 6% when payment is made through the bill avalized by CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK or bank guarantee
  • Avoidance of expensive commodity loans
  • Cheaper than the bank loan
  • Possibility to replace valid working capital credit limit with bill avalization limit
  • Repayment is made in bulk amount at maturity of the bill
  • Development of positive credit history – possibility to improve access to bank finance in future
  • Possibility to release funds for long-term investment finance
  • Bill avalization means undertaking of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK to pay under the bill in case the customer does not do it in time


Two instruments are proposed as payment for products of LLC KWS UKRAINE:  

  • Avalized bill – for customers having contracts with LLC KWS UKRAINE’s distributors
  • Bank guarantee – for customers having direct contracts with LLC KWS UKRAINE

Period of validity:

  • Avalized bill should have the maturity date before 31 August (for bills issued from 01 September to 30 October of each year), before 20 December (for bills issued from 01 January to 30 May of each year)
  • Bank guarantee: depends on the terms of the contract between your company and LLC KWS UKRAINE

CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK’s fee for bill avalization and issue of bank guarantee:

  • 1.1% of the amount of the bill/bank guarantee for each 90 days if secured by property (other than cash funds placed in deposit account)
  • 0.5% of the amount of bill/bank guarantee for each 90 days if secured by cash placed in deposit account
  • Fee for bill avalization limit setting / bank guarantee provision makes 0.5% of limit amount for each year of limit usage (payable as a front-end fee on the day of General Agreement signing)
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