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Сompensation of 80% of the cost of domestically produced seeds

Is made according to the program “Financial support to farming enterprises development” adopted by  the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 106 dd. 07.02.18.

Who is eligible for compensation

Farming enterprise regardless of the organization and legal form:

  • With revenue up to UAH 20,000,000, owning or using agricultural purpose lands
  • Registered in the current year, without requirements to revenue, owning or using agricultural purpose lands .

Compensation amount

80% of cost (net of VAT) of domestically produced seeds of agricultural crops of the categories: basic, certified, purchased from private entrepreneurs and legal entities but not more than UAH 80,000 per farming enterprise.

How to receive

  1. To purchase domestic selection seeds from seed producing entities specified in State Register of Seeds and Seedlings Producing Entities .
  2. By 1 November of the current year, to submit application, originals and copies of the following documents to the Bank:
    • Copy of FE’s charter (for legal entity) or a copy of agreement on establishment of family FE;
    • Data of STPRMP confirming rights of ownership or usage of the plot of land;
    • Copy of a financial document confirming net income from products sale for the past year up to UAH 20M; for FE registered in 2019 – copy of financial statements for the latest quarter;
    • Certificate effective on the date of application submission on no past-due payments the control over execution of which rests with controlling authorities;
    • Extract of USREOU that the enterprise is not under liquidation/bankruptcy
    • Certificate confirming varietal characteristics of seeds;
    • Certificate confirming sowing characteristics of seeds;
    • Payment order on payment for seeds;
    • Waybill (consignment note) for purchased seeds;
    • Act of sowing of the purchased seeds in the form approved by Ministry of Agropolicy;
    • Consent of the recipient on provision of his/her/its information to the Ministry of Agropolicy in the form defined by the Bank.
  3. The Bank creates registers of recipients of partial compensation of the cost of seeds sowed in the current year and submits them to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine twice a year: till July 10 and till December 1.
  4. Every month, till 25th, the Ministry transfers budget funds to the Bank that, in its turn, credits them to the current account of the customer with the Bank.

In case of purchase of seeds from the entities not included to State Register of Seeds and Seedlings Producing Entities, to additionally submit originals of the following documents to the Bank:

  • Seeds attestation – for basic seeds;
  • Seeds certificate – for certified seeds;
  • Hybrid seeds certificate – for the first generation of hybrid seeds.

Forms of documents::

Program Restrictions:

Financial support is not provided recipients

  • in respect of which bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated;
  • which are declared bankrupt in due course;
  • who are in the process of liquidation;
  • who have overdue more than six months of arrears to the state budget and local budgets (including regional and local programs), the Pension Fund of Ukraine and the compulsory state social insurance funds;
  • who have not carried on business in the previous three years (except for newly created ones);
  • for which facts of illegal receipt and / or misuse of budget funds have been identified.
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