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Compensation of interest on bank loans for livestock breeders

Is made according to the program “State Support to Livestock Breeding, Agricultural Products Storage and Processing, Aquaculture (Fishery) Industries” adopted by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No107 dd. 07.02.18.

Who is eligible for compensation

Legal entities regardless of the organization and legal form and form of ownership, and private entrepreneurs running business in the livestock and/or aquaculture (fishery).

Compensation amount

Interest on (1) short-term loans received to cover production needs and (2) mid-term and long-term loans to cover capital (investment) expenses related to running business in the following industries: sheep-breeding, goat-breeding, fur-farming, cuniculture, silk farming and aquaculture (fishery) of 1.5 NBU discount rate (effective on the date of interest accrual) but not higher than provided for by the loan agreement, reduced by 3 percentage points (not more than as for one short-tern and/or one midterm or long-term loan).

How to receive

  1. To receive a non-revolving loan in the Bank in the national currency in the amount up to UAH 100 million.
  2. To submit application, originals and copies of the following documents to the Bank:
    • On payment for goods, works, services to confirm credit funds usage;
    • Extract of the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, Private Entrepreneurs and NGOs;
    • Certificate effective on the date of application submission on no past-due payments the control over execution of which rests with controlling authorities;
    • Consent of the recipient on provision of his/her/its information to the Ministry of Agropolicy in the form defined by the Bank.
  3. The Bank creates registers of agricultural producers who acquired the right to compensation and submits them to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on a monthly basis.
  4. The following month, till 25th, the Ministry transfers budget funds of the Bank that, in its turn, credits them to the current account of the customer with the Bank.
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