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Compensation for providing advisory services

Is made according to the program “Financial support to farming enterprises development” adopted by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 106 dd. 07.02.18 and Procedure for partial compensation of expenses for agricultural advisory companies related to the provision of advisory services, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine No. 149 of 20.03.2018.

Who is eligible for compensation

Agricultural advisory company, registered in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On agricultural advisory activities" for advisory services in the following areas: agronomy, veterinary medicine, zootechnics, accounting, marketing, legal advice, development of rural green tourism, provided to the farm, agricultural service.

Compensation amount

90% of the cost (excluding VAT), but not more than 10,000 UAH per customer during the fiscal year.

How to receive

  1. Provide advisory services to a farmer or agricultural servicing cooperative.
  2. During the fiscal year, submit to the Bank an application, as well as originals and copies of documents:
    • the certificate for the right to provide advisory services;
    • contract for the provision of advisory services;
    • act on provision of advisory services;
    • document confirming the customer's payment of the difference between the cost of advisory services provided and compensation;
  3. The Bank establishes registers of agricultural advisory services that have become eligible for compensation, and submits them to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine monthly by 10th.
  4. Next month, the Ministry transfers funds to the Bank by the 25th of the month, which, in turn, transfers them to the client's current account at the Bank.

Forms of documents:

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